Love for Plants

We are Jungle Africa, and we have been in the plant business here on the Gold Coast since 13 October 2020 as a hobby but registered officially as a business on the 1st April 2021.

With the help of my husband who does the deliveries and the shipping, I am more free to do the potting, the propagation and the research for more varieties and ways to improve my knowledge of plants. 

We believe in only sourcing ethically growing plants, giving them all the love and the care possible, and selling them to our customers at an affordable price. Quality is over quantity for us.

I started this business because I love gardening that I think I get from my parents. My mom adore ferns and my dad is more a roses person. But for myself I prefer Monstera and Philodendron and that's why I am specialising myself in the Arums family.

I am always on the hunt for more Arums varieties and to be able to supply them at an affordable price for everyone.

I am Gold Coast based and work from home, so if you want to have chat or simply wants to have a look at my plants. Do not hesitate to contact me to organise the day and time that suits us both.

Thank you for your trust and the interest and giving me the chance of introducing my plants in your lovely home.