Love for Plants

We are Jungle Africa, and we have been in the plant business here on the Gold Coast since 13 October 2020 as a hobby but registered officially as an Online business on the 1st April 2021.

With the help of my husband, I try my best to provide you with the best as quality matters more than quantity for us. 

We believe in only sourcing ethically growing plants, giving them all the love and the care possible.

started this business because I love gardening and being a mum, working from home is what I think works better for our family.

I come from a family (big family) of plant lovers, I have always been around plants since I could remember. My mum loves ferns and tries to have them all over her house and my dad was a rose person. The one species that if he could, he would have all of them. But for myself I have developed a deep attachment to Monsteras and Philodendrons and this is why I am specialising myself in the Araceae. My backyard is full of them!

Sixty percent of the stock is from propagation of my own personal plants, as Jungle Africa started as a hobby and also a way to share something I like with my oldest son (he loves plants too).

I am always on the hunt for more Aroid species, growing them from seeds or simply propagating them. 

Even if I am an introvert, I am always enthusiastic when talking about plants. So do not hesitate to ask me questions or just share your thoughts, experience and advice. 

Thank you for your trust in my little plant business.