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Philodendron Melanochrysum

Philodendron Melanochrysum


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The Philodendron melanochrysum is a beautiful tropical plant. It doesn’t get the credit it deserves. Or the attention it deserves.

The dark green (almost black) crystalline leaves show off a bright yellow vein. The yellow vein traces its’ way through the leaf to form a unique pattern.

The crystalline appearance on the leaves resemble specks of gold. In fact, “melanochrysum” means “black gold”.

It’s these attributes that created the nickname the “Black Gold Philodendron”. Like most other Philodendrons, it’s a climbing vine plant.

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Customer Reviews

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Robert Wemm
Philo. Melanochrysm and others.

Hi Anne, I did attempt to email you but Spotify would not let me.
I am extremely happy with your service,and the plants. They are all happily growing.
The parcel arrived on the Thursday, just 3-4 days from sending so that was excellent.
Thank you for the discount voucher for my next order, and also thank you for the bottle of "Good Stuff".
Can't wait for them to get bigger.
Thank you so much.

Melanie Cowan

Philodendron Melanochrysum