Different type of lights

The Good questions

Growing healthy houseplants are quite easy if you respect certain rules.  Don't worry you can do it, just ask yourself these questions.

  • The Good questions

What is the season? 

Is it autumn or winter? If yes , keep in mind that in winter your plant does not need too much water as the temperature is so cold so there is less evaporation and the soil retain the water longer.

Is it Spring? If yes, the temperature is starting to increase but don’t fall into the trap of watering too much. With the temperature not at it pick, the soil still retain the water longer but the evaporation is more there. Maintain the humidity and see the magic operation and your plants slowing but surely growing more than in the colder season.

Sumer! How I love these season, my favorite. It’s true that you are sometime uncomfortable during this very hot period but a drink always helps doesn’t it? It’s the same for your plants.

  • Humidity

Keep the humidity high and my big advice would be to buy a humidity tester. You can find various model and they are not expensive. It is so easy to overwater your plants for various reasons and the humidity tester will be your best friend.

At a certain point in your plant collection you will ask yourself, do I really need a humidifier? The answer will be yes I need it.  As you know tropical plants need humidify and what is better than a humidifier.

I apartment or house during summer the temperature can rise quickly and shattered all these beauties with an easy 30 degree. The humidifier will regulate the temperature by releasing a cloud of mist that will cool down these beauties and keep them fresh. But be careful, the humidifier does not replace a good splash of water.

  • Fertilizer

If you can, I recommend the worm juice. A natural fertilizer that you can use in summer but also in winter and it is nature and will not harm your roots or trouble the dormant time of you plants.

I personally like to sprinkle my plants with some egg shells that I roughly crush in my hands. Most people like to crush them into powder; it’s also a good process.

  • Light

Each plant likes to be in a particular area and exposing to the sun light. If you are not sure, Google I that moment is your super best friend. It will tell you to expose them to bright, low, indirect or direct sun light.  Here is a small example of different exposure and where they are situated.

  • Pest

Pest in your plants can be a real pain as the completely eradicate them you will need a lot of effort and most of all patience.  Try to always keep some products available and when you buy a new plant always, always isolate for at least 3 days. Most of the time you will not see them because bugs hide so nicely between leaves or just under the stem. So isolation is the way to prevent the spreading and to protect your other plants from these devastating enemies.


Some few tips for you to enjoy and remember everyone has his own way to do things, we learn everyday and no one has all the knowledge and knows everything.

So be kind.




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